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What people say about working
with MacEwen Agricentre

The Drouin Family in front of their farm

Highly Satisfied

We are proud to rely on a local feed mill that provides quality feed as well as competitive and professional services to our region. We are highly satisfied with the services we receive from MacEwen Agricentre. Their modern feed mill produces extremely high quality feed that helped us improve our poultry operation’s performance as well as our turkey production results. MacEwen’s team of Crop Advisors also provided an intensive crop follow-up service that helped improve our operation’s productivity beyond our expectations. Their Grain Commercial Team offers impeccable service and is always on the lookout for the latest market trends giving us a competitive advantage for the marketing of our grain. The administrative team is very friendly, organized and always willing to help. Thank you for your ongoing professional services and thank you for being a leader in the Agriculture Industry. Thank you to the entire team!

Marie-Pier Drouin

The Drouin Family

Close up image of Pierre Leger from Pierre & Francois Léger Farm

Great Service

We are very satisfied with the services we receive from MacEwen Agricentre as well as with our representative Eric Beauchesne’s skills and availability.

Pierre Leger

Pierre and François Léger Farm

Close up of one of the Leroy brothers from Yorellea Farm

Excellent Support

We have had excellent support and service to make our cows healthier and more productive than ever in our new facility with robotic milkers.

Ralph, Jeff and Tim LeRoy

Yorellea Farm

Close up image of Nick Thurler of Thurler Farms


We know we can rely on our dairy nutrition advisor, Lenny Van Loon. We needed somebody to help us reach our goals and with Lenny and the MacEwen team, we are on our way.

Nick Thurler

Thurler Farms

Image of the Luc Mainville and his family in front of his Mainville & Sons Farm

Always Available

We are very pleased with the services we receive from MacEwen Agricentre. They are always available to answer our questions. The herd monitoring service is excellent and their assistance with our new turkey-farming project has elevated us to a new level in the poultry Industry. We are very grateful to our representative Mario Béliveau, who has been involved every step of the way.

Luc Mainville

Mainville & Sons Farm

Close up image of Julien Renaud of Gérard Renaud Farm

Quality Service

We have been a customer of MacEwen Agricentre for over 10 years. The quality of service, equipment, integrity of the staff and their level of commitment are reasons why MacEwen Agricentre is a supplier we recommend.

Julien Renaud

Gérard Renaud Farm

Image of the 3 Beauchesne girls from the 3V Beauchesne Farm cutting ribbon

A Big Thank you

We would like to thank our advisor, Éric Beauchesne, in particular. His commitment to our success has been an invaluable resource to us. His expertise and sound advice have allowed us to surpass our objectives every year. A big thank you to Eric and the entire MacEwen team.

The Beauchesne girls

3V Beauchesne Farm

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