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Custom Application Services

MacEwen Agricentre offers versatile equipment services for farmers, including options for spreader rental and custom applications. The benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Rent equipment as needed.

  • Cost Savings: Economical alternative to owning and maintaining equipment.

  • Advanced Technology: Access to the latest in spreading technology for efficient use.

  • Expertise: Benefit from the skill of our experienced operators for optimal application.


Case IH 4540 Floater

Elevate Your Application Precision - The Ultimate in Power and Versatility. 6 Units Available

Superior Application Flexibility:

This unit is designed to accommodate a wide range of dry application tools, offering unmatched flexibility and precision in nutrient delivery .

Advanced Control System for Precise Application: 

Benefit from an intuitive control system that allows for precise management of application rates and patterns, ensuring optimal nutrient utilization and minimizing waste.

Powerful Performance for Maximum Productivity:

Equipped with a high-horsepower engine, this unit delivers the power needed to tackle large acres quickly and efficiently.


Case IH 5550 Topdress Units

The Ultimate Solution for 

Precision Fertilizer Application (5 Units Available)

Precision Application Technology:

Equipped with state-of-the-art application technology, this unit ensures uniform distribution of fertilizers and soil amendments up to 100 feet wide, reducing waste and environmental impact. High clearance spreaders for in crop spreading.

High Capacity for Better Productivity: 

With a large hopper capacity, this unit allows you to cover more acres between refills, significantly increasing your operational efficiency and productivity.

Advanced Monitoring & Control Systems (GPS Guided): Featuring an intuitive monitoring system, you can easily adjust application rates on the go, ensuring optimal nutrient delivery and minimizing over-application.


Case IH Patriot Sprayer

Experience Unrivaled Precision with the Case IH Patriot Sprayer – Your Partner in Advanced Crop Protection.

(Available at all 3 locations - 6 Units available)

Advanced Spray Technology for Precision Application: Featuring the latest in spray technology, the Patriot Sprayer delivers droplets with unmatched precision, minimizing drift and maximizing coverage, even under windy conditions..

AIM Command System for Ultimate Control: With the AIM Command spray system, enjoy precise control over application rates and pressure, ensuring consistent coverage and reducing chemical waste.

Integrated Precision Agriculture Technologies: Seamlessly integrate with Case IH's Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) for real-time data and insights, optimizing your application strategy and enhancing overall farm management.

Exceptional Maneuverability and Stability:

Designed to navigate a variety of terrains with ease, this Sprayer offers superior maneuverability and stability, ensuring consistent application even in challenging conditions.


Pull Type Fertilizer Spreader

Maximize Crop Nutrition with Precision: The Pull Type Fertilizer Spreader

( 120+ Units Available)

Easy to Operate and Maintain: Designed with the user in mind, this spreader features straightforward operation and minimal maintenance requirements, making it accessible to farmers of all skill levels.

Enhanced Mobility for All Terrain Types: The robust design and optimal weight distribution allow for smooth operation across various terrains, from flat lands to rolling hills.

Precision Application for Optimal Growth: Equipped with advanced spreading technology, this spreader ensures uniform distribution of fertilizer, promoting even crop growth and maximizing yield potential.


UAN Sidedress Applicator

Maximize Nitrogen Efficiency with the UAN Sidedress Applicator – Precision Nutrition for Your 


Targeted Nitrogen Application: The UAN Sidedress Applicator allows for precise application of nitrogen, targeting the root zone of growing crops to enhance nutrient uptake and minimize waste.

Adjustable Application Rates: Tailor your nitrogen application to the specific needs of your crop and soil conditions, improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of excess nitrogen.

Improved Crop Yields: By providing crops with nitrogen at critical growth stages, the UAN Sidedress Applicator supports stronger, healthier plants, leading to improved yields and profitability.

Find The Service That Fits Your Needs

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