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You can use it for your grain bank or you can sell at any time of the year!
At MacEwen Agricentre, we give you the option to sell your grain immediately, or store your grain with us and sell it whenever
it is most profitable for you.


Ontario and Quebec have has no shortage of grain buyers. What sets MacEwen Agricentre apart in this competitive environment?

  • We have a large, efficient grain facility on site along with access to other major elevators and ports in our trading area.

  • Our facility ensures fast unloading times and competitive pricing.

  • With a location on rail siding, our customers have the advantage of shipping grain more efficiently and affordably via the rail system. Our modern fleet is the best in the business, guaranteeing efficiency and timely delivery of products.

Grain Banking And Animal Feed

MacEwen Agricentre’s Grain Banking Program handles your grain and stores at both our elevator facilities in Maxville and Cobden.

Grain banking gives you a more competitive price and allows you to hedge against fluctuating grain prices.

Meet Our Specialized Grain Team

At MacEwen Agricentre, our crop input team exemplifies a perfect blend of talent, expertise, and commitment to continuous learning. Each member brings a unique set of skills and in-depth knowledge of modern agricultural practices, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and innovative solutions. Their dedication to ongoing training and staying abreast of the latest industry advancements positions us as leaders in providing top-tier agricultural support and advice.

Martin Charlebois

Martin Charlebois

Grain & Poultry Manager


Maxville, ON

Thérèse Crevier

Thérèse Crevier

Grain Merchandising Administrator


Maxville, ON


Grain bids available

Purchase and sale of:

  • Corn

  • Soybeans (RR, N-GMO & IP)

  • SQWH

  • Wheat (Milling & Feed) HRW-HRS-SRW

  • Barley

  • Oats

Operations & Services

MacEwen Agricentre stands as a leading figure in Eastern Ontario's grain marketing industry, providing comprehensive grain services tailored to the modern farmer's needs. Our full suite of services encompasses trucking, ensuring safe and timely transport of your grain; state-of-the-art drying facilities for optimal grain quality; secure storage solutions to safeguard your harvest; expert marketing services to maximize your profits; and convenient grain banking options for enhanced financial flexibility. Trust us to handle every aspect of your grain management with precision and professionalism.

Image of the grain facilities in Maxville, ON.
image of the front vue of the grain facilities in Maxville, ON.
MacEwen Agricentre's grain facilities in Maxville, ON.
Back view of the grain facilities in Maxville, ON.
MacEwen Agricentre's Raleway in Maxville, ON.
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