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Supplier Code of Conduct

MacEwen Agricentre’s Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) applies to all suppliers that produce any component of our goods. This Code also extends to our suppliers’ subcontractors.

This Code sets the minimum expectations that MacEwen Agricentre (“MacEwen”) has of its suppliers with respect to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). At MacEwen, our objective is to conduct our business to the highest level of ethical standards and ESG. MacEwen will only develop relationships with suppliers who are committed to meeting the standards outlined in this Code.

MacEwen’s expectations and guidelines with respect to responsible sourcing include our commitments to human rights, the environment, health and safety, regulatory compliance, and business ethics. We expect our Suppliers to communicate these expectations internally and with their own Suppliers to uphold the commitments set forth in this Code.

Although MacEwen recognizes that our Suppliers must conduct their business according to their objectives and corporate values, we expect all suppliers to take every measure to adopt behaviours and practices that are aligned with this Code and be able to demonstrate the ways in which they apply the principals of this Code.


Suppliers are expected to…

Compliance with applicable Laws, Regulations

comply with applicable laws and regulations. Where requirements conflict, Suppliers are expected to comply with the highest applicable standard.

Ethical Conduct and Behaviour

align actions, decisions, and behaviours with ethical business practices.

Employment Standards

treat people with dignity and respect by adhering to applicable human rights and employment standards.


comply with quality standards regarding manufacturing, delivery, and supply of products and/or services.

Health and Safety

protect the health and safety of workers by complying with applicable health and safety laws and regulations.

Environmental Responsibility and Animal Welfare

be committed to reducing the negative impact operations have on the environment and promote the humane treatment of animals.

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