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Accessibility Plan

MacEwen Agricentre Inc. is committed to removing and
preventing barriers to ensure accessibility for all employees,
customers, and visitors living with disabilities.

Commitment Statement

MacEwen Agricentre Inc. is committed to removing and preventing barriers to ensure accessibility for all employees, customers, and visitors living with disabilities. We support accessibility requirements consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, and equal opportunity. MacEwen’s Accessibility Plan represents our commitment to taking steps in support of creating a barrier-free Canada. As such, we value the lived experience of our employees and clients and will continue to understand and learn from their feedback.

To build this plan we looked at seven different areas of our company to see how we could make it more accessible. We looked at:

  • Built environment (buildings)

  • Employment

  • Technology

  • Communications

  • Procurement of goods, services, and facilities

  • Service delivery

  • Transportation


MacEwen consulted employees and people with disabilities about what barriers exist.


Our Plan

In the next 3 years, MacEwen will:

  • Provide awareness training for all managers, supervisors and employees on accessibility barriers faced by people with disabilities.

  • We plan to update our statement in our employment policy that accommodation for employees with disabilities is available throughout the employment process.

  • We plan to encourage more employees with disabilities to let management know of any accommodation that can be made to make our workplace better.

  • Add accessible parking spaces on site as they are not clearly marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility.

  • Update our emergency response plan to include people with disabilities.

  • Consult with a web accessibility expert in the development of our new website to make sure that the new website is as accessible as possible.

  • Replace our website with one that is more accessible.

  • Accessibility will be considered by MacEwen in all procurement of information technology products by including specific accessibility requirements in bid invitations.

  • All new videos created by MacEwen and posted on our website or social media accounts will have captions and a transcript of the information found in the video.

  • All new pictures and images on MacEwen’s website will have alt-text description.

  • Develop requirements for accessibility considerations to be included from the start in all procurement processes.

  • Communicate with people with disabilities in ways that consider their disability.

  • Train staff who communicate with customers on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

  • Offer to communicate with customers in person, by email, in writing or any other alternative format requested by the customer.

  • Ensure that customers are able to use their personal assistive devices while on our premises.




Feedback from employees, clients and visitors is always welcome. There are several ways feedback can be submitted.

Position Title: Health and Safety Specialist


Phone: 613-527-2175 or toll-free 1-800-267-2430


MacEwen Agricentre Inc.

40 Catherine St. W., PO 580

Maxville, ON      K0C 1T0

MacEwen will acknowledge receipt of all accessibility feedback received, except for feedback that is sent anonymously. Feedback will be used and shared in our annual progress report to help meet our regulatory obligations in addition to identifying opportunities for improvement and improving accessibility across our sites. Please note that MacEwen values an individual’s right to privacy and will not include any names or other personal identifying information in our reports.

Alternate Formats

Alternative formats of our Plan and a description of our feedback process are available on request.

  • In English and French audio formats, within 45 days of initial request,

  • American Sign Language (ASL), Langue des signes Québécoise (LSQ) and Indigenous Sign Language (PISL), within 45 days of initial request,

  • Print and Large Print alternative formats, within 15 days of initial request,

  • Braille format, within 45 days of initial request.


Service Animals

MacEwen welcomes people with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to the public.

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