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Lenny Van Loon

Ruminant Manager


Maxville, ON

‘’Everyone at MacEwen is commited to quality, great service, and results’’ – Lenny Van Loon

Since 1988, Lenny Van Loon has been successfully contributing to MacEwen Agricentre’s positioning as a leader in the industry. Born and raised on a dairy farm, Lenny is well trained and extremely experienced in the industry.

Lenny believes that the most rewarding part of working with MacEwen Agricentre is helping customers achieve their profitability goals. He’s proud that many of his clients have the highest production results in Eastern Ontario.

With a series of accolades under his belt, including being a certified Dairy Nutrition Advisor and obtaining a degree from University of Illinois in Dairy Nutrition and Science. Lenny is able to bring to the MacEwen team a wealth of useful industry knowledge.

To learn more about MacEwen Agricentre or Lenny Van Loon, Please contact us.

Lenny Van Loon
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