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Josh Kelly

Operations Manager


Cobden, ON

Josh has three years of studies in Mechanical Technology, a background that aids in diagnosing mechanical issues to ensure smooth operational flow.

Involved in the family farm since the age of 5, he has been managing his own farm operations since he was 18. His farm includes 2-300 acres of cash crops and 50 beef cows.

Josh joined MacEwen in 2016 after being a long-time customer of the former Millar Feed and Seed. His approach to his work is shaped by his extensive experience and deep-rooted connection to agriculture.

He is passionate about every aspect of agriculture, from the smell of freshly tilled soil to the sight of a herd of cattle grazing in a field. This passion drives his dedication to his work.

In his free time, Josh enjoys fishing and spending time in the workshop with his two boys and father, cherishing these moments of family bonding.

Josh Kelly
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