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Jim MacEwen



Maxville, ON

Jim MacEwen has been the driving force behind the success of MacEwen Agricentre since he started the company in November 1983. For him, the most rewarding aspect of his job is watching his company continue to grow and be an innovative leader in the agricultural community.

Jim believes that MacEwen Agricentre stands out from the competition largely because the company hires only the best – people who are willing go the extra mile to provide customers with the highest-quality products and services.

In addition, Jim has ensured that MacEwen Agricentre continually re-invests in high-quality facilities and equipment. He leads his team in maintaining a stellar image in the region that reflects the company’s brand, its clean, reliable equipment and its superior customer service.

Jim has intentionally shaped an organization that demonstrates its deep commitment to agriculture. That’s what has made MacEwen Agricentre so successful.

Jim MacEwen
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