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Coralie Reymond

Dairy Advisor (DNA - ON)


Maxville, ON

Coralie graduated from McGill University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in agricultural and environmental sciences with a specialization in animal health and disease. She worked in veterinary hospitals as an assistant for 5 years before joining the MacEwen Agricentre team in 2021 as a dairy nutrition advisor.

Having grown up in Montreal, Coralie developed a passion for the dairy industry while working on a dairy farm in Quebec and later on in Switzerland. She was involved in the daily operations such as milking and feeding the cows, taking care of the calves and administering treatments. She understands the dedication it takes to operate a farm.

Coralie enjoys building relationship with the clients and is always looking for the next challenge. She wants to help farmers reach their goals while always maintaining the health of the cows as her priority.

Coralie Reymond
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