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MacEwen Agricentre Proudly Supports 4-H Ontario During Their Latest Golf Event

Shannon Manley and Isabella Poirier, employees of the Dairy division at MacEwen Agricentre, enjoying the latest 4-H golfing event and Macewen's participation with their putting contest.

At MacEwen Agricentre, we believe in fostering a vibrant and thriving agricultural community. That’s why we’re proud to support organizations like 4-H Ontario, an organization dedicated to empowering youth through hands-on learning experiences in agriculture and life skills.

On June 6th, 2024, we had the privilege of participating in the "Golf in Support of 4-H" event in Ottawa, where we sponsored the exciting putting contest. It was a fantastic day filled with camaraderie, friendly competition, and a shared passion for supporting the future of agriculture.


The Power of 4-H

  • Develop essential life skills: 

  • Gain hands-on experience: 

  • Build confidence and self-esteem: 

  • Become active members of their communities: 


The Putting Contest: A Moment of Fun and Connection

The putting contest was a highlight of the day, offering participants a chance to showcase their skills and have some light-hearted fun. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow supporters and celebrate the positive impact of 4-H.

Looking Ahead: A Continued Partnership

 We are committed to working alongside 4-H Ontario to empower youth, foster agricultural innovation, and build a brighter future for our communities.

We encourage everyone to learn more about 4-H Ontario and consider supporting their valuable work.

To learn more about 4-H, click on the button below:

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